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The Key to Success is Finding the Right Buyer

Deciding to sell your small IT business should be on your terms.

A business is the result of a genius idea, equipped with the right support backing it up and countless sleepless nights to get it off the ground. You are proud of your accomplishments and all the valuable partnerships you have established over the years. Being the founder of your company has enabled you to maintain strong partnerships with clients, create a growing financial revenue and manage a competitive edge amongst competitors in your industry.

Just because you built your company from the ground up, it doesn’t mean that you have to keep it. Sometimes, it’s best to sell your small business to pursue other endeavours that you didn’t have the time for while running your company.

Our priority is to harmoniously work with you to ensure that you have the potential to achieve your business and personal goals while continuing to help your business thrive in ever-changing economic climates.

Why Sell My Hard-Earned IT Business?

Every entrepreneur desires for their company to be successful.

The main reason you might have started your business is out of complete passion that can lead to financial prosperity. You have worked tirelessly over the years to propel your business to the next level and create a competitive edge in your market. In recent years, however, you have been debating selling your company in pursuit of other personal or business objectives. 

Letting go of a business that was once (or still might be) your pride and joy can be a challenging responsibility to consider. It’s difficult to let go of a business that you worked so hard to get off the ground and continually grow its success. Relish in your accomplishments, pat yourself on the back and begin to look forward to starting on new entrepreneurial projects.

With M.I.T. Consulting as your trusted partner, you can:

Sell Today & Reap the Benefits Tomorrow

It is much easier to invest your time, efforts and passions into a new business that you’re excited about than it is to continually run an older business with the same mentality. Selling your current IT business will allow you to grow a new business while leaving your old business with the expertise of our team.

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A Personalized Touch to Selling Your Small IT Business

Selling your business will look different from the next person aiming to do the same thing. The only factor that remains the same is choosing a skilled company to sell it to. Positive opportunities don’t present themselves often, but selling your IT business to us is a clear chance to enhance your financial success. We got you covered.

Running your IT business is an adventure, and just like any journey, the lows will be forgotten over the tremendous highs. The process of selling your respected company can prove to be a tough choice, and that is why we want to make the process as easy as possible.

Each small business has an individual personality and approach, and that is why we offer unique solutions when buying your company. We take the appropriate time to understand the reasons behind why you are selling, your future goals for your company and the details in maintaining a long-term partnership with your clients. Just because you’re selling doesn’t mean that you have to do it alone.

Deciding to sell your IT business can provide ongoing future rewards including increased valuable time with your loved ones and a chance to develop strengths in other desired investments. 

You are in Pursuit of Other Personal & Financial Ventures

Selling your company is not always about the money. Choosing to sell your business can enable you to embark on new venture opportunities and focus your efforts on markets that you have been passionate about. We understand that your mindset is to create a new future and not to remain stuck in present business situations that you have otherwise lost interest in.
When you decide to sell your company, we provide a beneficial exit plan. Selling Your IT Business respects your reason for choosing to sell your company. Some of the reasons include:

When selling your business goes as planned, you have unlimited opportunities that arise. Your business shouldn’t fail because you no longer have control over its assets. Gaining peace of mind that your company is in trustworthy hands can enable you to move on to other exciting enterprises. 

Market Leading Prices for Your Company

You wouldn’t leave your home without locking it, so why would you leave your IT business in untrustworthy hands? We buy your IT business so that you can pursue further entrepreneurial voice in other markets.

Selling your business requires careful planning and consideration. Planning to give up control over your small business needs strategic preparation including gathering tax records, updating old operating systems and researching current market conditions.

Small IT businesses are on average, worth three to six times their annual cash flow in Canada, and your company needs an accurate representation of market profits. Depending on your current financial growth, location and industry trends, your IT business can be sold at a much higher price than originally anticipated.

As an entrepreneur, you have worked extremely hard over the years to establish your small IT business. You have acquired numerous loyal clients, have increased your profit annually and are proud of the market achievements that you have been able to accomplish.

Determining the value of your business is imperative, and choosing the right buyer will help you remain confident in your decision. We won’t discredit your market share and goodwill because we understand that you are trusting us with taking over your business.

Thinking of Selling Your Business?

We Can Provide Professional Guidance & High Prices

We understand that selling your hard-earned IT business can be a scary step. We’re here to assist you in creating your plans while guaranteeing that your company will thrive in our hands. Our team has years of experience that we will put into work to give your business the careful and dedicated treatment it deserves. 

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