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Avoiding Common IT Mistakes in your Small Business

It is safe to assume that, as a small business, you likely do not have the time or resources to perform diligent research on computers updates, new security threats or even fixes to common everyday I.T mistakes. Even maintaining technological “best practices” can be a time-consuming hurdle that many small businesses cannot realistically keep up with. As such, some businesses make a few select common mistakes that can be easily avoided.

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Learn about common IT mistakes made by small businesses, and see if a small business IT consulting firm might be able to help you!

No Technical Support

Is your technical support team made up of an intern who’s understanding of computers doesn’t reach far beyond Minecraft? If that sounds accurate, it is likely to not be enough – especially not for a business. What will you do when you need to perform a reinstallation of your website, and need all your files and information secured? In the long run, having a limited technological support team on staff will cost you more than not having one; you’ll end up paying for one-time services far too often, and won’t have the convenience of day-to-day assistance on your side.

Hardware and Software Issues

I.T professionals will usually tell you to retire PC’s in a business after three or four years, and it’s for a good reason. While you might think that your six year old office computer is saving you cash, it may actually land you a hefty I.T bill in case things go awry. Support expenses increase quickly on aged computers, and if your system crashes, you’ll be forced to overpay for a repair on an old, outdated piece of equipment.

Moreover, outdated hardware is inefficient, increases your likelihood of downtime, and can endanger sales and important records.

No Power Protection

If just one power surge can damage your expensive and necessary electronic equipment, you need to have an I.T professional help you protect your business. An I.T professional can help reduce the chances of corrupted data, limit your downtime, and offer backup services in the case of a power surge.

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